onsdag 19 februari 2014

Can a city really ban cars from its streets

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Can a city really ban cars from its streets

I am not convinced that a city within two decades will be able to be “car-free”, maybe free from cars that use petrol or diesel as fuel. To ban all the cars will lower the living standard. I do not think it is possible to ban cars when people know how convenient the car is. People are not ready for changes that will make a negative impact on their lifestyle. I think a better solution is to promote the electric car and increase the standards on the public transportation. People will always choose the way of transport that is more convenient and cost efficient for them. The point is to find answers that will be more effective for people and a solution that is more sustainable for the environment.

I think Hamburg is a city with good ambitions. I will say it is always good to have a goal to aim for even though it is not very likely it will reach it all the way very soon. All steps away from daily use of the car are good steps. I think a good start is to improve the public transportation during peak hours, that will decrease the emissions by reduce the numbers of starts and stops. Long lines in the traffic is a great issue when it comes to reducing emissions, at the same time it is time consuming for the people on the road, as well as it is a traffic situation that often leads to traffic accidents.

To ban people from using their cars will lead to different effects on different people according to what situation they are in life. For some people the ban of cars might be critical to if their children will be able to continue with their sports activities for example.

I think it will be possible in the future to ban the normal car of today but another solution for the transportation must be found before people will accept the change.